Friday, May 21, 2010


The United States has a Chief of Counter-Terrorism, John Brennan. What do you imagine might be his job description? Common sense would lead us to believe that he would have considerable responsibility for countering the threat of terrorism. In other words, he is one of the top dogs who is supposed to be keeping us safe. He is supposed to oversee the gathering of intelligence and tying all the pieces together - connecting the dots. I would imagine he has a large staff and an even larger budget. Yet, with all the technology at his disposal, the Patriot Act, and the power and authority of the US Government behind him; he and his crew continue to not connect the dots and miss clear signs of someone going to the dark side. They even had a phone call from one terrorist's dad, telling them that his son has gone bad and is dangerous, and they could not connect the dot.

We have had more terrorist attacks and close calls on US soil in the past year, under the Obama administration (BOA), than we had in the seven years after 9-11, under President Bush. Why is this? Well, it is because the BOA has had trouble admitting or acknowledging that we even have an enemy or that we are at war against terrorists who desire to kill all of us. To the BOA, all of this is a reaction to what the US has done wrong and when BO apologizes to our enemy and the rest of the world, everything should be fine.

Well, all is not well. All BO has succeeded in doing is weakening our position and defenses. Even though more time has elapsed with more opportunity to focus on our enemy and gain meaningful intel, we seem to be going backwards in our counter-terrorism efforts. As others have said, "Being lucky is not a good foreign policy."

So, what has the department of counter-terrorism been doing for the past 15 months? If you connect the dots, you may find the answer. Dot #1-According to the BOA, we are not at war against foreign, radical terrorists. We are not to even refer to them as terrorists or our fight as a war on terrorism. Dot #2-The BOA is willing to use the "terrorist" label, but not applying it to our real enemy. To the BOA, the real terrorists are domestic. Our government is watching out for the dreaded tea party members, pro-democracy demonstrators, returning military veterans, citizens with conservative bumper stickers, gun owners, blog writers, radio talk show hosts, etc.

These people are the real threat to his government. Obama is less concerned with foreign terrorists who are planning the destruction of our country and the killing of our people, than he is with his political opponents. Dot #3-Counter-terrorism in the US, under the BOA, is dealing with the domestic threat to Obama's power and the radical, liberal agenda. Counter-terrorism is concentrating it's resources and efforts towards silencing conservatives and stopping any movement that attempts to stop Obama and his plans to cripple America.

By the way, John Brennan was in the news this week for something he recently said. He told some people about his love for the city of Al Quds. You may not have heard of that city, or maybe you have... That is the Muslim name for Jerusalem. Why would an American official use the Muslim name instead of the common name that other Americans use? Could it be that he sees it more from the Muslim perspective than from the American perspective? He attended college in Egypt and has spent many years since college working in various Arab countries.

This sort of reminds me of our President - Barack Hussein Obama. Oh, wait, we are not supposed to use his full name, it sounds too Muslim - others might get the wrong idea.


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