Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Frog in the Frying Pan

The Frog in the Frying Pan
Frog + Frying Pan + Water + Heat = Dinner

The story goes:  take a frog and drop it in a pan of boiling water and he will jump right back out.  Drop the frog in a pan of cool water and slowly turn up the heat.  It will sit right there and eventually boil to death.

Folks, we are the proverbial “frog”.  We have been “gigged” and are sitting in the pan complaining about how hot it is getting. 

A few decades ago, if we were taken from where we were to where we are right now, we would have jumped right back out and saved ourselves.  But, while we were busy catching flies for our own supper, someone snatched us out of our cool pond and placed us in the cool water of the frying pan.  The few, who noticed the difference, looked around and said to no one in particular, “This isn’t so bad, I have clean water and I am sure plenty of bugs will come within striking distance.  I’ll be just fine right here.”  As the heat increased, first came relaxation and letting down the guard.  That was followed by lethargy as it began to get hot.  Once the water began to boil, it was too late to jump out and the frog slowly boiled. 

I don’t know about you, but I am beginning to see little bubbles rising in the water around me.  I feel sweat on my hairless brow and still, for some strange reason, sit here complaining about the heat and who it must be that keeps turning it up more and more.  I converse with other frogs about how bad it is and who might come to save us, but while we all sitting here and waiting, the water just got hotter.  We are now on the verge of boiling!

Americans slept while the Socialists (and worse) were out gigging for frogs, pulling out the pan and turning up the heat.  Over the years we have been over-burdened with national debt, watched while our defensive ability has been diminished, witnessed the stoking of racial fire and class hatred, experienced the decline in our public education system, been amazed by the mushrooming welfare system and ever increasing rolls receiving benefits, suffered the continual eroding of our Rights and individual liberties, observed our nation losing the positive relationship and reputation we once enjoyed with our allies, watched the world rejoice over our sorrow and pain, and tried to keep our heads above water while our society has turned lawless.

We have a government which believes the solution to every problem is increasing the heat.  Time is of the essence!  We have to jump or boil.    

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