Saturday, July 30, 2011

The "Fix" is Out of Focus

What prompted the Republican win in the last national election?  What was it that drove tens of thousands of individuals to become the "Tea Party"?  What message were we looking for in a self-professed, conservative candidate?

There are numerous answers to those questions; but, they all focus around one major theme.  Our Government is out of control!  We wanted to send individuals to Washington to begin the process of reigning in, not only President Obama, but also the establishment.  The main-stream politician in Washington has lost touch with the main-stream American!  Actually, that is not only giving them the benefit of the doubt; it is not accurate.  We are considerably past the point of politicians losing touch with the people, they have embarked on a path to transition our country from a Republic to a socialist mecca.  We the people of the United States of America are witnessing the "change" that a minority had been "hoping" for over the past few decades. 

The last election provided an opportunity; not a solution; yet.  The conservative contingency sent to the House is sufficient in number to make a difference in "business as usual".  The majority shifted to the Republicans, but not to the conservatives.  Though we have a strong conservative base in the House, they only hold the limited position of power to obstruct, delay, deny and basically be a thorn in the flesh.  Between the Democrats and the moderate Republicans (the establishment), there is an effort to continue in the same direction after applying some icing to a toxic cake.  We've been graced with one speech after another from one politician after another about the "crisis".  They preach to us, we who seem to understand the situation better than they, how bad things are and how it needs to be solved.  Yet, there is not under serious consideration; one single plan, proposal, or budget which takes us in the direction of actually solving the problem.  Not one of them reverses the free-fall of the country, they just debate about the adjustment to the rate of decline.

Washington's solution, which they expect us to be happy with; consists of applying some Bactine and a Bandaid to a body which is missing it's guts and backbone.  Last November, there was talk as to how the freshmen Republicans would be able to stop some of the nonsense.  We seemed to understand that their numbers were insufficient to actually solve the problem through passing legislation; but, they were sufficient to stop the funding of various programs, have an effect on the budget, focus the finances in more proper directions, etc.  We knew that the newbies would not run the place, but would be able to apply the emergency brake to a run-away train. 

Remember all of the talk about defunding Obamacare?  How long has it been since you heard of that effort?  Isn't the budget discussion the exact time to deal with that issue?  How about the 6,000 new IRS agents needed to enforce the health care law?  Is anyone limiting the IRS funding to prohibit this?  We are dealing with Administrative departments that are running amok.  How about cutting some of their funding?

This Congress has been in office for about seven months.  During that time, the focus has changed from being concentrated and targeted on accomplishing specific goals of limiting the Administration in their ability to proceed with their destructive agenda; to passing a BBA (which will do nothing for several years).  Yes, they are fighting to hold down the debt and reduce some spending; but no one appears to be concentrating on where the money will be spent, who will spend it, and what it will accomplish?  All we hear about is the total amount to be spent. 

Where is the detailed analysis of the proposed budget?  Someone needs to get out the red marker and scissors!  This is a multi-front assault.  We must limit overall spending, we must stop deficit budgets, we must hold down taxes, we must restrict government borrowing and get some control of the outlandish debt; but, we must also pay attention to just how and where the President plans to spend whatever amount is approved.  We cannot proceed with taxpayer funded organizations such as Acorn (that is just an example we are familiar with). 

While all of the major negotiations are dealing with the overall numbers; there needs to be some group of conservatives, in some corner of the Capital, going over the proposed budget, line-by-line.  They need to be getting down to the specifics.  We can afford no less than this process.  Cut the crap out of the budget while there is an opportunity to do so!  So what if they get a 2012 budget passed with a savings of $25 billion; but Obama cuts that amount out of the Department of Defense and proceeds with all of the rest of his dream programs?

If, when this all settles down, our only victory has been the reduction of the amount to be spent next year by several billion dollars and we have made no attempt to defund any of Obama's agenda; we will have failed!  It is not just about the amount of spending, but also about the direction of that spending.

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