Wednesday, December 1, 2010


If I hear one more politician tell me that some proposal to cut government waste and over-spending is only "symbolic", I believe I will pull my hair out.  As you know, I cannot afford that.

We have been told that the new Speaker of the House (R) will not use Pelosi's private jet, but will fly commercial, but that is symbolic.  If he did not make that choice, there would have been a mass uprising in the conservative ranks.

We are told that freezing government wages, no matter how limited that might be, is symbolic.  Our government has been out of control with spending for years.  Sure, these will not make a huge difference, only because the whole picture is so massive.  But, don't tell us that when you stop wasting a billion dollars, it is just symbolic.  For us back home, a billion dollars is still worth saving.

Then we were told that that vote by House Republicans to prohibit port-barrel spending amendments from being added to bills, is only symbolic.  Do they think we have forgotten that they have added hundreds of millions of dollars on some individual bills for their favorite projects back home?

I say, do all of these "symbolic" cuts and then do a bunch of those you view as not just symbolic.  We'll appreciate each and every million you stop wasting. 

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