Friday, October 22, 2010


Do you have an attitude?  Sure you do.  Your mom didn't tell you to not have an attitude, she told you to "Watch your attitude!"  We all have an attitude.  So, the question should be, what attitude do you have?

At the same time, we can have multiple attitudes at work.  Our attitudes, some even conflicting with others, have an effect on our eventual outcome.  Each of us, from time-to-time, need to take "an attitude check."  It is very easy to drift into bad, harmful, or negative attitudes; if we are not paying attention. 

It may even be easier to assume the position of being negative than to work at being positive.  We can look around and see problems and find those who are depressed, angry or even discouraged.  It isn't hard to find someone who will bring you "down".  If your common associations are with people who are negative, you will tend to gravitate in their direction.  You will become another one in the masses of disgruntled people who walk around with a chip on their shoulder.  This goes back to the natural man and the sinful nature born into mankind.  It takes a conscious act and a change of heart to pull away.

Who do we choose to have as role models?  Who inspires us to do and be better?  What have we defined as the person we most want to resemble?  What are we doing to get there?

This discussion, at this point, could head in two different directions; the area of the spirit or the realm of the soul.  The spiritual direction involves our submission to God and the leading of the Holy Spirit in our lives.  The other includes both believers and non-believers of Christianity - it relates to the choices each of us makes regardless of our spirituality.  Christians can have bad attitudes just like anyone else.  So, that is the area discussed in this article.

The attitude we have is the result of the choice we made.  Where ever you find yourself or what circumstances surround you, there are choices to be made.  Two people can respond to the same situation and take opposite positions.  An example is John Walsh, the founder of "America's Most Wanted" TV show.  He lost his young son to a brutal murder.  He could have done what others did in the same place, become bitter and vindictive and turn against people in general.  He chose to made a positive difference, instead. 

Our news is full of stories where some person has been harmed, physically and/or emotionally, and they permitted the evil done to them to become the seed that would grow, over time, to turn them into a picture of evil.  Someone, later, digs into their background to try to understand why they would do such awful things to others.  They find a wrong done and the resulting bad choices. 

We do not have to go down the road that leads to destruction.  Our lives encounter many crossroads and each one requires a decision to be made.  Some intersections are painful, some have no emotions tied to them at all.  But every choice we make leads to consequences, for good or for bad. 

Choose to walk through life carrying the attitudes that will lead you towards peace with others and having joy in yourself.  Take on a positive attitude, grounded on the knowledge that God is in charge. 

At work, be the best employee you can be, giving your best in exchange for the payment promised.  At play, recognize that winning is not everything, but the relationships you can build from your good attitude can change the lives of others.  When you believe you have been wronged, dwelling on how unfair it has been will make you miserable and that negative attitude will begin to be reflected in other areas of your life.  Be aware that others are watching you, maybe even more so, when they are aware that you have been hurt by someone.  Your response can push people away from you are draw them near to find out what is different about you.

Be quick to make attitude adjustments as needed.  Always be fine-tuning. 

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